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President’s Day- Financial Lessons from Past U.S. Presidents

On a day dedicated to acknowledging the services of our nation’s past presidents, it’s also an opportunity to glean key financial lessons from their experiences and practices retrospectively.


Financial Wellness: How to Show Your Finances Some Self-Love

In the quest for wellness- physical and mental- it is easy to overlook an equally fundamental aspect of our lives: financial wellness.


The Economic Impact of Valentine’s Day

Each year, love and commerce converge for the holiday known as Valentine’s Day. Not merely a day of expressing love and affection, Valentine’s Day is now a substantial economic event that impacts various sectors worldwide. In this article, we can delve into the economic impact of Valentine’s Day and the industry that surrounds it.


Financial Resolutions Check-in: Are You Making Progress?

As we navigate the year, we must pause and reflect on our progress, particularly concerning the New Year’s resolutions and financial resolutions we set at the beginning of the year. A check-in gives us a rush of accomplishment, a clearer understanding of our goals, and a rejuvenated drive to work toward them.


Comprehensive Ways to Navigate Your Retirement Savings

To navigate your retirement savings can be a challenging process due to the inherent complexities and the multitude of factors that tend to affect the most confident plan.


Understanding the 2024 Social Security Changes: A Comprehensive Review

As the landscape of our economy shifts and evolves, so do the policies and practices that guide our federal programs.


Unveiling the Top 3 Finance Trends for Individuals in 2024

As we become more entrenched in the digital age, financial practices and finance trends for individuals continue to evolve. While technologies in the financial sector are redefining traditional practices, in 2024, individuals will have more tools available to help them manage their finances. Here are 3 finance trends to examine for individuals in 2024.


5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Finances in the New Year

The onset of a New Year often brings a spirit of change and improvement. One area of life that often receives excessive attention in the New Year is our finances. Below are 5 simple ways to improve your finances


7 Reasons For Tactically Using Your Credit Card to Pay Bills

While we typically think of cash, checks, or direct bank transfers as ways to pay our bills, using a credit card can be a viable option when executed tactically. Paying bills with a credit card can offer convenience, rewards points, and the potential to build credit. However, mishandling this strategy can lead to high-interest debt and a damaged credit score.

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The Extended Impact: Why Recessions Aren’t Just About Economic Growth

Recessions, defined by consecutive quarters of negative economic growth, have been a cyclical feature of market economies since their inception. While it’s tempting to quantify a recession solely in terms of GDP contraction. It’s crucial to understand that the implications stretch far beyond economic growth. To truly appreciate the encompassing impacts of a recession, one must delve into various areas

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